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"As always, a lovely experience. I just love your touch! Gentle but firm. It's very loving and I feel very cared for. Thank you!"

Caroline M.


"Elisa has been my family's Massage Therapist for many years. I cannot begin to express my sincere appreciation for her intuitive sensitivities, extraordinary skill, and brilliance with her touch. She is a healer in every sense of the word. She has a quiet, knowing demeanor, tempered with a lovely lightness of being. I am so greatful she has entered my life."

Patti G. RN


"Cranialsacral therapy is completely different than the any kind of therapy I've ever been to.  The way Elisa takes her time and feels the energy in your body is absolutely amazing. I've never felt so weightless and comfortable in my whole entire life! I had almost lost all hope being able to breastfeed my baby, who was 6 weeks old and had never nursed when we first saw Elisa. It was my last ditch effort after spending hundreds of dollars on supplements. 

Starting off in the first session I was nervous but once I started to relax I felt at peace and very comfortable with my child, for honestly the first time. In the second session we focused more on me taking all the negativity out of my birth. I imagined myself rebirthing my child, lead by Elisa. Isaiah and I were finally extremely calm together, which is not something we had ever experienced. He started rooting and Elisa said to maybe give breastfeeding a try, although no pressure-- and let me tell you I rolled over and my son breastfed for a half an hour right there and it was the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. 

It is now 4 months later and we are still continuing to happily breastfeed full-time. I cannot thank Elisa enough for the gift that she has given me and my son. Without her therapy I really don't think that I would be at the point that I am with my son nor would we be breastfeeding the way that we are." -Mariah



"Elisa was recommended to my friend by an IBCLC at Daisy Chain. Neither of us had ever heard of Craniosacral Therapy, but we wanted to give anything a try to help her breastfeed her baby, who was 6 weeks old and still hadn't nursed with her. They had a very traumatic birthing experience together, and Elisa helped both of them work through the confusion. Elisa had my friend visualize her perception of their umbilical cord, working on helping their connection to grow thick and healthy. Another especially moving exercise was when Elisa walked my friend through a "rebirthing ceremony"--placing her infant son on her belly, telling her to remember how he felt within her womb, moving him down, and from between her legs to straight to her chest, as it should have been at their birth. He started rooting, and Elisa gently encouraged my friend to put her baby to breast. She did, and he seamlessly began to nurse as though he had been his entire life. All 3 of us were in tears. Elisa is a wonderful mothering spirit, and an expert resource for families. Our lives are better because of her. " -Britta


"I feel blessed to have connected Elisa Olalde. I have been seeing alternative caregivers for 4 decades and Elisa is a supremely gifted massage therapist.  Her intuitive deep tissue work has been vital in restoring full range of motion to a major rotator cuff tear and injury. My visits with her are a high point in my week. She has my highest possible recommendation." 

Ed Osworth 
Author of "Unstoppable Joy - The 12 Simple Steps to a Happier You"

"I have been working with Elisa for several months. I have to say the highlight of my week is my massage with her! Since I have been seeing her once a week my lumbar inflammation and back pain have disappeared and I always feel so grounded, relaxed, and centered after she works on me. She is an amazing LMT and talented energy healer. I highly recommend her to EVERYONE!!!"

Kathryn Reese, CBS

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