Divine Healing Energy & Bodywork

What is Reiki?


It is Japanese, meaning "universal life-force energy". It involves the transfer of a specific energy frequency through the practitioner (not from) to the recipient, or situation. This energy enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself by calming the fight or flight response. Reiki restores and balances life force energy, promoting healing on all levels.  

 Reiki energy enhances the body's innate ability to heal itself. It is a holistic, natural healing system that cannot cause harm, and effects on all levels: body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Reiki is completely compatible with, and supportive of one's personal belief system. It is seamlessly well-suited with other healing modalities.

Reiki in no way conflicts with, and actually supports any religious or spiritual belief system. Reiki blends seamlessly with any other modality, and can be safely done at any time, any and every where.

Core issues are often released, enabling physical and emotional restoration.  With stress blissfully on hold, many find even chronic or mysterious physical and emotional issues significantly reduced, or eliminated all together.

From there your session is completely adapted to meet whatever your needs are. Over the sessions, clients notice they feel less congested and compacted within themselves. Much like spring-cleaning, these sessions eliminate the excess static build-up of energetic debris.

Where you may have come in feeling anxiety, depression, heartache, overwhelmed, discouraged, whatever, you'll find there is more space inside yourself. You'll feel lighter, refreshed, encouraged, and more ready and able to go back to life.


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